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Find Free Online Dating Sites – 7 Tips To A Perfect Dating Profile

Online dating is really the quickest and easiest way to meet men and women. With so many people at online dating sites, your profile has to stand out. Just like a headline in a newspaper, you want daters to be drawn to your profile. Your ad has to stand out above the rest.

Here are your 7 great tips to a perfect dating profile.

Your dating profile has to attract. The first three lines should be your best ever. A charming, humorous or creative approach can really improve your results. You want to get many responses from your dating profile. Do you know any poetry you can put in the first three lines? How about trying a line from a book you like, a movie or even a favorite song. These are great ideas you can use.

Do not use adjectives such as I’m happy, interesting and funny. If you like movies, just don’t say I like movies. Talk briefly about the movie you like.

You must attract attention from your profile in 10 seconds or less. If you don’t, a dater will move on. You headline is the first thing a dater will see so make sure it’s sharp. Another, let it be known who you are and what you are looking for. “I am looking for a woman that still believes in old fashion romance.”

You can relate your headline to one of your favorite shows or movies or even if you like cooking. “Come join me for a sumptuous piece of cheesecake and a tom cruise movie.” How about a humorous headline. “This scientist is looking for chemistry. Let’s chat.”

Are you a traveler? Great headlines such as,” Join me and let’s live the dream.” “Would you like to travel with me around the world?” “I am looking for a travel companion for fun and snuggles.”

If you are an executive you can start off your headline with, “I am a successful executive looking for some excitement.” “This businessman is looking for a special lady to wine and dine.” Some other general headlines are, “I am a strong and passionate man and I want to share the world with a special lady.” “I want to spoil you. I am looking for my special lady.”

You should now have some idea on how to put some subject lines together for your
dating profile. Put your creativity to work here. Lastly, make sure you change your headlines every 6 weeks or so. Have at least 4 other subject headlines ready for the rotation.

These 7 tips should get you started in the right direction.

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